Daily Conferences

Morning Rounds on Obstetrics
Discuss patient cases with attendings and fellows.


Weekly Conferences

Morbidity and Mortality Conferences
Interesting cases from each service are presented by members of the house staff and are followed by lively and thoughtful discussion from the faculty and other members of the department.
7 am, Griffis Faculty Club
Grand Rounds Conference
Scheduled lectures by experts from in and outside of the institution emphasize literature review and current research in the clinical areas under discussion. Attended by residents, faculty, and other members of the department.
7:30 am, Griffis Faculty Club
Genetic Rounds
MFM fellows and attending present cases and discuss with geneticists.
4 pm, M-711
Tracing Rounds
7 am, G7-309
Neonatology Conference
Complex, high-risk pregnancies (involving issues such as fetal anomalies, congenital heart defects, and genetic syndromes) are discussed with MFM and NICU attendings in a multidisciplinary setting, with colleagues from Neonatology, Pediatric Surgery, Anesthesia, and other relevant specialties.
12:30 pm, NICU Conference Room (biweekly)
Ob/Gyn Journal Club
Emphasize literature review and current research in the clinical areas under discussion. Presentation of an interesting paper by a member of the housestaff and a critical discussion and review of the topic led by an MFM fellow or faculty member.
7 am, G7-309
OB / NICU Teaching Rounds
8 - 8:30 am, NICU Conference Room (biweekly)
Resident Lecture
7 am, G7309
Post Clinic Conference
2 pm, HT-5
Faculty Lectures
Faculty present 1 hour lectures each for students and residents.
1 - 4 pm, G7-309
Students: Weekly
Residents: Biweekly
Gyn Seminars
Case presentations on gynecologic issues are discussed.
1 - 4 pm
Library Computer Room (biweekly)
Gyn Oncology Tumor Board
8 - 9 am
Pathology Conference Room, Starr 10-06
Pathology Conference
Resident Lecture Series
Organized by the Residency Program Directors and given by faculty attendings and fellows. Emphasize literature review and supplements the experience gained on clinical rotations to round out the comprehensive postgraduate curriculum.
1 - 5 pm (biweekly)


Monthly Conferences

Chapter Review
Indepth review of specific Ob/Gyn textbook material.
As needed
Ethics Conference
Gyn Oncology Bi-Campus Tumor Board
Discussions of Columbia and Weill Cornell cases.
MFM Journal Club
Emphasize literature review and current research in the clinical areas under discussion for fellows.
12 pm, M-711
Resident Education Committee
Attended by faculty, residents, and administrative staff to discuss all matters related to the Residency Program.
5 pm, G7-309
(bimonthly, Thur)


Yearly Conferences

Chief's Day
Faculty, graduating residents, and graduating fellows present their research.
8 am - 5 pm
Uris Auditorium