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Programs and providers of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Weill Cornell Medicine are often the focus of news stories and features appearing in major national media. We invite you to review some stories that typify the breakthrough accomplishments of our remarkable team and highlight the impact our care has had on patient’s lives.

How One Doctor Used Precision Medicine to Treat Uterine Cancer

Dr Holcomb

Dr. Kevin Holcomb treated Ronda Kotelchuck’s rare and aggressive form of uterine cancer using a combination of precision medicine and doctor-patient collaboration. His ability to include patients in the decision making process, and innovative thinking, helped this patient fight her relentless cancer in a patient-centered manner. You can read more here.

How a Support Network Helped One Patient Beat Ovarian Cancer

How a Support Network Helped One Patient Beat Ovarian Cancer

Domenica Devito, patient of Dr. Eloise Chapman-Davis, shares her story about how an amazing care team at Weill Cornell Medicine and a strong family support system helped her through a difficult time. Read about our support network.

OB/GYN Welcomes New Chair, Dr. Laura E. Riley

Dr. Riley

Dr. Laura E. Riley joined Weill Cornell Medicine in October 1st as the Given Foundation Professor and Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Get to know about Dr. Riley "here."