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Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Administrative Staff


Department Administrator
Curtis St. Surin, MHA
(212) 746-3966
Administrative Manager
Amy Romanoff, MBA
(212) 746-9127
Residency Program and Credentialing Coordinator
Patrisha Harripersaud
(212) 746-3058


Practice Operations

Operations Administrator
Samantha Mayer, MSED
(212) 746-3062
Nurse Administrator
Maria Chondris, MS, RN
(212) 746-3299
Practice Administrator for East 80th Street
Shelone Mitchell, MBA
(646) 962-3766
Practice Administrator for MFM, Ultrasound and Antepartum Testing Units
Justin Palermo
(212) 746-3935
Practice Manager for J130
Brighid McCarthy
(212) 746-0240
Practice Manager for Iris Cantor Women's Health Center and Oxford
Sheteaka Morgan, MS
(646) 962-4907
Practice Manager for Lower Manhattan Campus
Evan Viveiros, MBA
(646) 588-2538



Sr. Financial Administrator
Mary Ng, CMPE
(212) 746-3294
Revenue Manager
Erika McHugh, MBA, CPC
(212) 746-3195
Billing Supervisor
Eiling Zheng, BSN
(212) 746-3268



Research Administrator
Elise Barrow, MPH
(212) 746-3946